The Planning Process

  • We start by understanding as much as possible about your needs, goals, and current state of planning. This includes getting to know you, reviewing your relevant financial information and any existing strategies, and identifying your priorities. To get started, download our pre-planning fact finder.
  • We’ll analyze your current situation and propose specific strategies to accomplish your goals. This is a great time to bring your CPA and other advisors into the conversation so everyone is on the same page. Once we agree on a course of action, we’ll determine the price for our services and enter into a written engagement agreement.
  • This is where the strategy goes into motion. We will create and document the strategies we designed together, guide you through the process of understanding and signing all the necessary documentation, and work with you and your other advisors to put your strategy in place.
  • Your strategy and your planning aren’t “done” when you sign the documents. Over time your goals will change, your family or business needs will change, your wealth and assets will change, and the law will change – often in surprising and challenging ways. Our Legacy Programs are designed to make sure that as things change, your strategies remain relevant and poised for success. The last thing anyone wants is for your needs and your strategies to be misaligned when it matters most.

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